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June 18, 2020

Is a beech worktop right for you?


At house of worktops we operate as a group of professionals who have been present within the timber industry since as early as 1999! Our ethically sourced and perfectly designed wooden worktops are not only high quality but also reasonably priced which therefore attracts a wide variety of clientele. Many of our clients may be conflicted between the wide array of worktops available from our bespoke worktop company however we believe our beech worktop is an excellent choice.

What makes our beech worktop unique?

Our beech worktops could be argued as one of our most popular options for our clients! Beech wood is of a delicate colour palette and is one of our favourite solid wood worktops available at our store, we believe its light colouring makes it perfect for multiple spaces within the home.

What makes our beech worktops so popular?

Choosing a worktop to suit any room of your home can be a difficult decision which is why our worktops strive to compliment a large range of environments. We believe our beech worktops stand out due to their ‘light gold hues’ and of course it’s freckled grain patterning. The digilent appearance of our beech worktops combined with its excellent quality meets the expectations of all of our clients, but why not see for yourself?

Try before you buy

We understand that our company offers a wide array of worktops which makes it hard for many of our clients to choose! With this in mind we strive to make the purchasing process as simple as possible, we therefore offer samples for all of our customers.

How it works

Whether you’re undergoing a total renovation or simply the replacement of your worktops, you may wish to receive several samples to try under the light of your own kitchen! Our samples are 25cm x 40mm x 15cm which ensures our clients can test a chunky sample whilst checking for both high quality and the shade and texture they desire. Once our clients have tried and tested their sample and have decided that our beech worktops are right for them we can ship their worktop with next day delivery!

Why choose us?

At house of worktops we pride ourselves on providing ethically sourced and sustainable wood for every one of our clients! Our company operates on a strictly zero waste basis and in the future wishes to run on 100% green electricity, we believe this is essential for our company’s morals and something we choose to stick by.

Going the extra mile..

In addition to our ethical background, our team ensures we never compromise on the quality of our worktops which is why rigorous quality checks are completed at every step. Aside from our impressive origins (and of course our fantastic quality) we also control the entire chain, this means we can offer our customers the best possible prices and never embrace price cuts.

How expensive are your beech worktops?

At ‘house of worktops’ we embrace variety which is why we offer a wide array of dimension options for our clients. In addition to our standard sizes we also provide a made to measure service which allows our clients to receive a custom made worktop to fit their unique kitchen.

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