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June 23, 2020

Is a Prime Oak Worktop Right for You?

Prime Oak

Our prime oak worktop is for those individuals who are looking for a sleek and perfected wooden appearance! Our prime oak worktop is considered as one of our most ‘uniform’ woods with zero flaws or variations, with a luxurious finish and contemporary appearance our prime oak worktops bring both sophistication and class to the heart of any home.

Why choose us?

At house of worktops we understand that choosing any provider for the renovation of your home can be a tough decision for our clients which is why we strive to stand out from the rest! At house of worktops we pride ourselves in delivering an impeccable quality of wood to every single one of our customers, whilst doing so in an ethical and therefore sustainable nature, our prime oak worktops are therefore no exception!

Did you know?

Our services run on a strictly zero waste basis, this not only ensures our wooden worktops are ethically sourced however it also makes us sustainable! Within the near future our company not only strives to produce zero waste but we also wish to run on 100% clean green energy!

What are the benefits?

Aside from looking fantastic, our prime oak worktops are extremely flexible and hold an adaptable design, this means they are able to fit within a wide array of modern day kitchens. In addition to their sleek design our solid wooden worktops are excellent value for money, combined with our uncompromised quality and our next day delivery prime oak worktops could be a perfect option for your home.

An excellent choice

For many years prime oak has been a popular choice for many of our customers, within both their kitchens and living rooms oak is both durable and elegant in order to suit any room! Oak is not only classic and a therefore timeless aspect of any home however it is also naturally beautiful and age resistant!

Our prime oak worktops are also sustainable.

In addition to its uniform and therefore sleek design our prime oak worktops are an extremely hard and dense material, our black sea oak actually grows to become 15% more dense which ensures our customers’ oak worktops are extremely durable! Our team at house of worktops not only offers prime oak worktops however we also provide our customers with deluxe oak, standard oak, and deluxe rustic oak.

A service you can trust

At house of worktops we understand and fully appreciate that within the modern world customer reviews (also commonly referred to as testimonials) are becoming increasingly valued and therefore important when our clients are researching our services. Therefore, with this in mind we display a wide array of trusted client testimonials on our modern and accessible website.

See for yourself.

We believe our positive reviews not only exemplify our fantastic services however they also frequently mention our brilliant craftsmanship and therefore our impressive team of skilled professionals! Based on 110 trust pilot reviews our services are voted as five star and ‘excellent’ which we believe speaks for itself.

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