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June 25, 2020

Why choose a walnut worktop?

At house of worktops our walnut worktop is an undeniably popular option for our clients, with its dark tones and wavy patterns, our european walnut is deemed as a timeless classic and therefore one of our favourites. Our walnut worktop boasts a rich colour tone as well as a lively pattern which makes each inch of our walnut shade ‘one of a kind’. In addition to its unique nature our walnut option brings a sense of both luxury and cosiness to every kitchen in which it sits.

How to take care of your new worktop..

Our worktops are never compromised on quality which makes it even more important to care for them correctly once they’re fitted in your home. Once your bespoke worktops arrive (using our fantastic next day shipping feature) many of our clients may be unsure of the do’s and don’ts of their new kitchen surfaces!

As good as new..

Many of our clients may wish to maintain the fantastic appearance of their worktops for as long as possible, which we completely appreciate! With this in mind therefore we ask our customers to both avoid cutting directly on the wood (instead use a chopping board) and of course avoid placing hot plates and pans on the worktop. Aside from these obvious points we also recommend our customers oil their worktops regularly in order to maintain their sleek appearance.

A glimpse at your future kitchen..

Many of our clients may be stuck between several of our worktop options which is why our experienced and highly skilled timber team strive to make the purchasing process as simple and therefore as hassle-free as possible for our clients. We understand that viewing a new kitchen worktop online is different from seeing the wood in the light of your own home which is why we send all of our clients chunky samples. Our samples not only help our clients pick the colour they prefer but can also ensure they are happy with the high quality finish of our solid wooden worktops!

Get to know your walnut..

In terms of its origin, walnut could be argued as one of the most beautiful timber species in the world! Walnuts wavy elements combined with its sleek appearance make it the material used frequently for luxury furniture within the modern world of wood. In addition to its luxury uses walnut is one of the very few timbers with highly valuable roots, at house of worktops we offer walnut wood which is unique and high quality (and of course looks great!).

How much will my worktop cost?

This is a question we receive frequently at our shop which is why we offer a full list of pricing on our modern and accessible website! The cost of our customers’ worktops will rest heavily on the dimensions they are looking for, our prices range from as little as £51.60 to around £420. At ‘house of worktops’ we not only offer a wide array of standard dimensions however we also cut to size to ensure our clients can always receive their dream kitchen (whatever the dimensions)!

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