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September 10, 2020

Looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen? Why not choose a wooden worktop from House of Worktops?


Whether you are having a complete kitchen makeover, or just want to spruce up your work surfaces, it is important to choose a surface that will offer a long life and improve the overall appearance of your kitchen.

But what makes an attractive kitchen work surface?

In kitchens with more modern designs, many people opt for stone-based materials like marble, but these can often come with their own array of issues. For instance, marble is very porous and can absorb the more difficult kitchen stains easily, creating blotchy and unremovable staining. Similarly, it is prone to chipping and scratching, creating an uneven and dulled surface appearance. And, unfortunately, the only way to rectify these issues is with professional help, which can often be pricey.

So, why not choose a more reliable material, that is cheaper, more attractive and easier to maintain?

When you come to House of Worktops, we can offer you an array of different surfaces to improve the appearance of your kitchen. Specialising in creating your ideal wooden worktop, our staff can help you pick the most attractive wood type for your kitchen, which will provide a striking and timeless quality. Perfect!

But are there any advantages that a wooden worktop has over a stone one? Read on to find out!


As mentioned previously, many modern kitchens have incorporated marble or granite work surfaces into their designs. While these stones are obviously attractive, they are no longer unique.

If you want to add a more unique touch to your kitchen interior, choosing a wooden worktop will certainly draw attention from visitors and create a more rustic appearance. And, if you are handy with carving or pyro calligraphy, you can even add an even more personalised touch to it!


While it is easy to see marble surfaces as antibacterial, in its natural form, marble is a porous stone and when it is fitted in a kitchen, it requires a special sealant to prevent bacterial accumulation.

Wood is naturally antibacterial, and this can really help people with younger families who have concerns about hygiene. Also, unlike marble, it doesn’t require excessive scrubbing to clean! Perfect!


Wood is durable and, when it is shaped into a work surface, it is even more durable!

It is crack-resistant, heat resistant and will not shatter if a weighty object is dropped on it, making it the perfect surface for any kitchen counter.


Wood is a great visual choice for any kitchen, as it can easily be varnished or stained to blend in with the overall kitchen design. And, if you are changing the look of your kitchen, you can strip the varnish or remove the stain without hassle! Simple!

Easy to maintain

Unlike many stone surfaces, wood does not require extensive specialist care, sealants or yearly varnishing to keep it intact. It is easy to maintain, making it the perfect choice for people who are busy or for those who would rather be using their time in the kitchen to cook!

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