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September 15, 2020

Looking for durable but flexible wood for your kitchen top? 5 advantages of ash worktops


Are you trying to create an interesting and unique kitchen? Does your design involve unusual work surface shapes or fixtures?

With many kitchen designers looking for a way to make their kitchen unique from every other one in the street, more quirky and unusual designs are being incorporated. Indeed, rather than opting for the traditional flat, rectangular work surface, many designers are choosing more odd shapes and curvatures for their worktops, meaning that a more specialised material is needed to pull these designs off!

Of course, you could opt for a stone material, but this is not cost-effective, Surfaces like marble or granite can be very pricey when cut into traditional shapes, let alone if you want to add a curve or have it cut to an irregular or unusual shape. Therefore, choosing a wood that is soft, flexible, beautiful yet durable is one sure-fire way to give your kitchen a modern or unique look.

At House of Worktops, we can help you choose the most suitable wood to incorporate into your unique kitchen design. We know all of the features of each wood type that we use and can suggest the perfect material for your kitchen worktops. Using one of our most durable and flexible woods, ash worktops may be just what you are looking for!

Why should you choose ash worktops to add a personalised feel to your kitchen?

Colour variation

Ash wood is naturally very variable in its colour. Ranging from a very pale yellow to red or even light grey, it can make any surface look interesting and classy. Ash worktops are commonly sought by our customers at House of Worktops due to their range of hues, so if you want a uniquely coloured wood, ash wood is probably the best option for your work surface.


A naturally very smooth wood, ash wood does not require excessive processing to make it workable.

Therefore, our team at House of Worktops will be able to install it into the most uniquely shaped kitchens without hassle, leaving you with a professional-looking worktop that did not require specialist tools to fit. Now that’s time-saving and cost-effective!

Easy maintenance

Like all of the wooden surfaces we offer at House of Worktops, ash wood is low maintenance and will retain its natural beauty for years.

However, we always advise against using bleach-based products to clean any wood surface due to the risk of discolouration and suggest regular oiling of your wooden surfaces to keep them in pristine condition.


As mentioned earlier, ash wood is a material which is flexible, easy to fit into irregularly shaped areas and is readily available. Therefore, our team is able to offer all of our customers’ ash wood work surfaces at a fraction of the price, allowing you to have a cost-effective countertop which also looks extremely classy.


Of course, appearance is nothing without durability in any kitchen worktop.

Luckily, despite its flexibility, ash wood is also heat resistant and highly durable, making it a perfect addition to any busy kitchen environment.

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