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October 20, 2020

Could a prime oak worktop give your kitchen the sleek look you desire?


A reliable and durable service

At House of Worktops, we believe that it is not only our responsibility to give our clients a range of different woods and products to choose from, but to do so in such a way that they receive the highest standard of care and excellence in the process. Our committed team here at House of Worktops have the utmost respect for wood, and feel this respect is reflected in the quality of service which we provide to our clients. Many people who visit the House of Worktops do so thinking about getting an oak worktop for their kitchen. Rather than just offering one type of oak worktop however, at House of Worktops we offer three distinctly different types – (one of which is a prime oak worktop) – each of which are suited to the different clients who are seeking the wood.

What types of oak worktops are available?

When people visit us here at House of Worktops with the plan of getting an oak worktop, many of them do not realise that these come in many different forms. A key part of choosing which wood to use for a kitchen hinges on who the kitchen is for, and how they want the room to feel. Wood, we feel here at House of Worktops, plays a massive decisive factor in setting the ambiance and atmosphere of a room. Many of our clients wish to opt for traditional oak, or enjoy the mis-matched, rough aesthetic of our rustic oak. However, those who are looking for a cleaner, sleeker finish to their worktop surfaces may prefer to choose a prime oak worktop. All of the oak used in our worktop surfaces here at House of Worktops is specially and responsibly grown within the Black Sea region of Europe. This is because the harsh and varying climate within this region causes the trees to grow to be far stronger and more dense in order to cope with the weather conditions.

What is a prime oak worktop?

Whilst we feel that the natural qualities of wood are one of the key factors to its beauty, we also recognise that many of our customers wish to have a sleek, clean and modern finish to their worktop surfaces. Thus, for such clients we offer the best of both worlds, through our prime oak worktops. For these worktops we only select the staves which align perfectly and symmetrically with those around them, creating a uniformed togetherness which is not typically found in other wooden worktops. This aligned, symmetrical nature gives the worktop a far cleaner, more modern aesthetic which is vastly popular with our clients. If you feel that this classy, timeless wooden design would work within your kitchen or worktop surface, then here at House of Worktops we can let you sample a piece of the wood. This lets you accurately envision how the wood would look under your own lighting and make sure you make the best decision. In doing this, we can allow our customers peace of mind which other wooden worktop manufacturers may not, as they are sure that they are making an informed decision and that the product they buy will look exactly as they would wish it.

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