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October 22, 2020

Could a walnut worktop set your kitchen apart from the rest?


Good quality shines through

Here at House of Worktops, we feel that, when it comes to wooden worktop surfaces, the quality that we put into our products truly shows. Rather than simply opting for cheaper alternatives, it is our philosophy that if you invest in the best materials you get the best product. As such, we aim to give our clients the optimal possible standard of service when it comes to choosing a wooden worktop surface. Choosing the correct wood for a worktop surface – whether it is for your own kitchen, or one you are renovating – plays a massive part in how the room feels. Therefore, clients ought to consider the mood and feel that they are trying to achieve. With this information, our wood experts can then decide whether or not products such as a walnut worktop would meet these needs.

Why opt for a walnut worktop?

Many of the customers who visit us here at House of Worktops do so with the aim of leaving with a walnut worktop. The reason for this is that walnut wood is a timeless, classic and attractive wood which often acts as a feature piece of a kitchen because of its natural wavy patterns. Being one of the most popular and prominent species of timber on offer here at House of Worktops, and indeed across the globe, walnut has earned its reputation as a go-to wood for a worktop because of its mix of rich shades of deep, dark colour. Because of its dark, attractive and classic aesthetic, walnut is often used to add flare and character to a kitchen, whilst still being a strong and durable material which will hold up to all the practicalities of a kitchen worktop.

Where does the walnut timber come from?

At House of Worktops, we believe in providing a quality of service and product which is second to none. As such, we make sure that we get all of our walnut timber from a responsible source, which also produces wood that is of the highest possible quality. It is for this reason that all the walnut that goes into all of our worktops is sustainably sourced from the Black Sea region, as the walnut from this region is famous for its darker, richer colour and patterning which naturally forms within the wood. Walnut trees actually have incredibly valuable roots for use within high-end accessories, and part of the responsibility of being a walnut wood producer lies in extracting these valuable roots and then recycling around 80% of these root materials back into the production of our worktops. This combination of raw timber from the trunk, combined with the varied and expressive shapes of the root contribute to the eye-catching, unique nature of the walnut wood worktop surfaces which we create here at House of Worktops.

Can I sample the wood?

If you are struggling to visualise exactly how a walnut wooden worktop may look within your kitchen and under the lights of your own home, then do not panic. Here at House of Worktops we are able to send out sample pieces of walnut timber to those who are interested. This lets customers envision how their own work surfaces would look and make a properly informed decision which they know they can stand by.

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