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October 13, 2020

Could an ash worktop add a touch of class to your kitchen?


Quality counts for everything

Here at House of Worktops, it is our belief that – as a manufacturer of wooden worktop surfaces – it is our duty to provide a service which is second to none. Each worktop surface which we create is entirely unique and different from the rest – even if it is made from the same wood. This is because no two pieces of wood are ever exactly the same, which we feel is part of the magic. What our customers can be sure of however, is that with every piece of wood they receive, be it a beech, oak or ash worktop, the quality of the materials used will be the absolute best money can buy, as will the service which our dedicated staff provide. 

Why opt for an ash worktop?

Ash worktop surfaces are distinctly different from other woods which we provide here at House of Worktops, because of the ash’s ring porous grain pattern which is its telltale feature. These annual ring grains are the signature of ash wood, and instantly set it apart from the other woods which we offer here at House of Worktops. Each piece of ash wood which is used in the creation of our worktops here at House of Worktops is entirely and distinguishably different, due to the signature ring markings on the wood. At House of Worktops we make it our duty to do all we can to preserve these natural ring patterns within the wood, as we feel it is key to its natural beauty.

How durable is ash wood?

Ash wood is generally considered to be just as strong and durable as oak. This is largely because the oak and ash tree share many qualities with regard to their size, structure and climate in which they prosper. Other similarities within the structure of these two woods comes from the conditions in which they grow, causing the wood to contract during the winter months and swell up during the summer. This continual stress of the inner structure of the wood causes it to become far denser and stronger over time – in much the same way as human muscles develop stronger through prolonged use. The end result of this contracting and stress in the wood ultimately leads to a far more durable and dense finished product when the wood is processed into a worktop. Similar to oak, ash wood is one of the most enduring and heavy woods in Europe, with a density of 820kg per cubic metre, with just 8% timber moisture. As such, when you buy a worktop surface from us here at House of Worktops, you can do so knowing that the product you buy is solid enough to handle all you may put it through.

What if I can’t decide which wood to buy?

At House of Worktops, we recognise that it is sometimes difficult for our customers to envision exactly how the wooden worktops which we offer would actually look within the environment of their own kitchens or homes. Due to this, as a way of allowing them to make an educated decision, we now provide samples of wood which can be delivered to their homes. This lets them properly gauge how the wood will look under their house lighting, and imagine how the finished article may look in relation to the other objects within their kitchen.

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