November 17, 2020

Luxury and simplicity in a prime oak worktop


Prime oak worktops are the creme de la creme of hardwood surfaces because it has all the benefits and proud history of oak but as a solid piece of counter space, nothing is more premium. Through very careful selection of only the best staves, at House of Worktops, creators of these custom pieces choose only the most perfectly matched timbers to create your worktop. These pieces may come from various different trees and are all chosen to match one another in grain and hue as much as possible in order to give you a single piece of uniform looking wood which in the end looks more expensive than a collection of haphazard pieces.

Why choose prime oak?

Unique and beautiful

You won’t find two English oaks that are the same, but that doesn’t mean we can’t search for pieces of wood that match one another from the collected staves of wood that make up prime oak worktops in order to create a surface that is totally unique and solid in its appearance thanks to our craftsman who have a keen eye for such details. The story of England can be seen in each oak tree and every tree is affected differently by the surrounding environment causing a difference in its appearance thanks to things like grown fluctuations and even individual damage and marks. This is why prime oak is a top choice for many designers because the care and effort that goes into making a solid-looking countertop is second to none. Oak has a way of developing character over time and this will eventually make your kitchen reminiscent of those old English kitchens which is what no other work surface can manage, giving your space a feel of history like no other.

Timeless – this timber never goes out of style and it can be crafted into any modern shape you can imagine for your kitchen, it would be fair to call it timeless.

Matching – there is very little that won’t match with prime oak; any colour or texture you choose can go with it from white or coloured walls to unique tiling choices, or even stainless metals. By choosing prime oak worktop you can match your taste to it quite easily no matter how out of the box it may be.

Functionality – there is a reason that bakers and chefs alike use prime oak worktops as their first choice when it comes to cooking because it is very functional and but these 2 reasons make the top of the list:

Durable – The creation of a prime oak worktop with matching staves is purely for aesthetic purposes because no matter what colour or grain of oak you use it will always have that long-lasting durability that it is so famous for.Hygienic – The nature of wood is that it is a naturally hygienic surface and oak itself even has antimicrobial properties to keep germs off fresh food. The worktop surface itself is sanded treated and polished to a very high standard which makes it very easy to clean.

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