December 10, 2020

Sustainable wooden worktops


We at House of Worktops have always been passionate about delivering goods of the highest standard for now and always. The sustainability of our process has been close to our hearts.

It was this guiding principle that led a family-run business to vertically integrate the whole supply chain for our wooden worktops; from the tree groves in the Balkans to the drying warehouse, workshop and into the showroom.

Before we realised, we were the UK’s only end to end work surface provider. This not only gives us great peace of mind about our products, but the excellent capacity to fulfil your needs. If you can’t find a size or shade of grain to your liking we can have it bespoke made for you!

Wooden furnishings have been our bread and butter since 1999. So you could say we are deeply ingrained in the industry. Over that time, our range has grown as we have championed an efficient 0% waste policy. Unintentionally becoming a wood fuel pellet producer, even our sawdust avoids entering a landfill.  Not that we are done there, as we are sourcing a fully green energy electrical utility supplier for our warehouse, workshops and showroom.

The woods we source are from fully licensed, government-managed wood groves in the Balkans. Not only does this ensure a long term sustainable use of forest, but it ensures that the land is profitable as woodland, therefore protected from being developed for monocultural farming. The varying climate between the coastal Balkans and its more mountainous interior give the range required to grow our hard and softwoods to provide variety in a wooden worktop which is hard wearing and highly attractive.

After harvesting and the first stage of milling, the ageing process can start. Here, the wood is categorised and monitored as it slowly dries, reducing warping and gaining character, as the grain gradually reveals itself. Then it can be categorised by shade, depth and quality, after further milling to standardise all its dimensions.

The origin of this was not to necessarily provide the ‘greenest’ wooden worktop, although we certainly do. It was to be able to honestly guarantee the highest quality without being dependent on the assurances of any third parties.  So, whether you’re looking for a kitchen work surface or a centre-piece coffee table, when you talk to us you’re not just conversing with a furniture retailer. You’re talking with a responsible logging, wood maturing, company who can and literally do stand by our work.

To our way of thinking, an end to end service means to your door. To that end, we maintain our own delivery vehicles, both for moving materials internally, as well as having a standard two-person courier team for any wooden worktop delivery. We deliver across the English mainland, but at the moment we do not deliver to the Highlands and Islands. Our delivery time will vary between 1-14 days depending on your location. If you would prefer, collection is available from London Colney in Hertfordshire, with the capacity for forklift loading if required.

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