January 21, 2021

Why might you want a laminate worktop instead of the traditional oak?


When considering the variety of houses and flats with modern design, traditional wooden kitchen worktops are not always suitable to fit in with the rest of the decoration. Therefore when choosing a kitchen worktop, deciding between an oak and laminate worktop is a decision which is based on personal preference and lifestyle. This is where laminate surfaces are ideal. If the traditional oak style does not fit in with your home’s image, then the finishing wrap of a laminate surface could be for you, as you can have a variety of different appearances, including marble or cloudy autumn, or you could decide on a worktop with a black sparkly appearance. 

What makes up a laminate surface?

A laminate worktop is made up of numerous layers, unlike an oak worktop which is a solid piece of wood. The laminate coating therefore can be a variety of styles to suit your individual preference. Our laminate worktops are constructed of an extremely high quality chipboard which is high in density and moisture resistant. The chipboard is then wrapped in a thick, high-pressure laminate (HPL) cover. By using these high standard materials we are able to provide a kitchen surface of supreme quality.

Worried about the edges of your worktop if damaged in transit?

Whether providing an oak or laminate worktop for your kitchen, the House of Worktops prides itself on the high quality of craftsmanship provided and the standard of every single material. Aside from the quality materials used we also realise that sometimes the ends of worktops can be damaged during transit, or an accidental cut the wrong way can mean the worktop appears ruined. Therefore to ensure that any mishaps that may occur are covered, we make certain that each worktop provided has an extra 10cm of length included. This does not mean that you will have an overhang on the end of the kitchen surface! Once it is certain that the entire worktop is at its best and any issues such as transit damages are resolved, before installation occurs any extra length on the worktop can be easily snipped off.  We then provide edging strips for the sides of the surfaces to provide the perfect finish, these are provided at no extra cost.

What makes the House of Worktops stand out from the rest?

Our company lives and works by the following three values: sustainability, uncompromised quality and customer obsession. Along with the high standard of our craftsmanship, materials and customer service, our business also prides itself on being a family run business that is almost entirely self- sufficient in terms of materials and energy. Soon to be 100% self-sufficient! We source the high quality wood, harvest the timber, transport it to our factories where it is treated and categorised,  then we manufacture and finish the worktop. We are environmentally responsible in every part of our process whilst working on a zero waste basis. The House of Worktops’ aim is to keep our carbon footprint small, whilst protecting the planet and providing you and all our customers with the highest quality wooden or laminate worktop.

January 19, 2021

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