February 18, 2021

A prime oak worktop is a sophisticated classic


Oak is one of the more popular choices of wood for many of our customers, probably because of the versatility and strength of the timber, coupled with the symbolism and special significance that many of us retain for this special material.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a variety of different designs of our oak worktops that will be able to suitably match the finished result that you are seeking to achieve. Should you be looking for a refined, minimalistic approach whilst capturing the natural essence and beauty of the light coloured wood, then we suggest a prime oak worktop as your worktop of choice.

Why choose us to build your work surfaces?

We understand the importance of sustainability and work tirelessly to ensure that we are setting the standards when it comes to caring for the environment, and ensuring that people can enjoy our product and the forests that we source our timbers from, for generations to come. We are moving to become a completely zero-waste company in the very near future, finalising a few aspects before achieving this goal, alongside our other sustainable actions.

This means that the materials that we cannot use, either for our prime oak worktop products or other furniture that we make bespoke, is used as a source of fuel so that we are not relying on other resources to make our products. This wholesome way of creating is just one of the ways that we provide our customers with a truly unique experience and allow you to feel great about owning one of our finished pieces in your home.

Know that the forests that we harvest our oak and other materials from are constantly renewed and that the land is lovingly cared for and restored. We work with both local bodies, as well as adopting a few stricter regulations of our own, to ensure that only the best practices are upheld by all those whom we work with.

Why choose a prime oak work top?

Those people who are looking for a minimalistic and modern touch to their kitchen will seek clean lines with little flaw or knots, neatly joined together to create a seamless and smooth finish. You can choose between a standard 40mm stave join, a deluxe 80mm stave or a full stave option with your prime oak worktop, all offering their own unique way of representing the wood and it’s character beautifully.

The golden hues that are predominant in this kind of wood are chosen specifically and we opt to find the lighter colours for this particular style of bench top. Matching these colours with a baby blue or a pale green for the colour palette for your cabinetry makes for a timeless and welcoming statement and really brings out the natural element of your choice.

Use potted plants in the space to deepen this natural feel or keep the lines sharp and sleek for a more modern approach. If you’re unsure how the final look is going to be, feel free to use our ‘visualiser’ to give you a better idea.

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