February 23, 2021

Your walnut worktop is a timeless piece


When investing in a walnut worktop with us, you can be assured that the finished product is a masterpiece that deserves the honour of being the hub of your home. Often used in high class furniture, the walnut timber consists of a highly energetic pattern and deep, rich variety of colours that gives the impression that it is able to tell its own story.

We use expert professionals to capture these stories and combine many of them together using a 40mm sized finger jointed construction of multiple staves. This size is able to accurately depict the energy of each individual piece of timber and combined, gives an overall stunning effect that can be enjoyed for decades to come.

Due to the nature of a walnut worktop, you can expect there to be a vast difference from each stave, because every walnut timber is a different colour, ranging from golden hues to deep reds to even smokey grey charcoals. This cocktail of variety is brought together harmoniously and often invokes feelings that can be summed up with the concept that ‘the sum is greater than its parts’.

We are confident that your finished walnut worktop will be a masterpiece that you will need to be around every single day. Thankfully, you can, due to the strength and durability of the timber itself, having been sourced from one of the most challenging locations on this planet. Bulgarian walnut is particularly strong due to the harsh conditions that it is consistently subjected to.

The summers in the Black Sea region are extremely hot and dry, whereas the winters are violent and bitterly cold. These extreme variations in temperature cause the wood to grow stronger and harder than any of the other varieties that are found in more forgiving areas of the world.

We own a sustainably conscious plantation in this region and care for the local economy, the harvest and the land itself greatly to ensure that we can benefit from this wonderous wood for many years to come. We love what we do and want others to be able to enjoy this beauty as well. As a result, we are proud to inform you that our company is close to achieving the zero-waste goal that we have been working hard to achieve, as well as creating sustainable, sensational  pieces that you can enjoy in your own home.

Where would walnut worktops look best?

This is a kind of wood that will work well in almost any kitchen with any colour palette in mind. Darker tones invoke a powerful message and give a sophisticated, modern touch. When you pair a walnut work top with lighter tones, such as soft greens, you create a balance, giving a more delicate atmosphere.

Thankfully, due to its versatility and the many different hues that are present in different timbers of this walnut wood, you can comfortably pair this wood with any style and colour in your kitchen. Make sure you take a look at the ‘visualiser’ that we have available so that you can see for yourself how your concept looks in front of you.

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