March 23, 2021

Why a walnut worktop works for kitchen makeovers


If you’re having a new kitchen fitted, you may be considering a number of different styles and kitchen worktops can make or break the overall finish. At House of Worktops, we have a wide range of wooden worktops and a walnut worktop is one of our most popular lines. With a wooden worktop, you can expect certain qualities – durability, resilience, hard-wearing and hygienic. What you might not be expecting is that Walnut is ranked as one of the most timeless finishes and its roots offer valuable material for creating high-end accessories. Find out more about the wonders of walnut below.

Wood and walnut

Wood has natural antibacterial properties and this is why it can make an obvious choice for a kitchen worktop. Alongside this, it is hard-wearing and naturally made to last a lifetime. Wooden worktops complement most colour schemes and styles of kitchen, so it is a much-loved choice for many customers, suiting most people’s tastes. Walnut worktops are dense thanks to coming from plantations to the workshop with 80% of its roots. This structure makes it particularly strong, right behind oak! Our Walnut is sourced from the Black Sea region and is identifiable by its wavy pattern and dark colour. It is also used for many high-end furniture pieces and will offer a classic and affluent finish to your home. Not only that, but its pattern is lively and every stave has its own story to tell and will keep your imagination running wild while you boil the kettle or reach for a glass of red and nibbles.

House of Worktops – our promise

We know that you will be expecting the line that ‘the customer is always right and is at the centre of everything we do’, but here at House of Worktops we hope to prove that it isn’t an empty promise. We offer Zero-Waste with our worktops, so you can be sure that you aren’t harming the planet in choosing wooden worktops. Any off-cuts are used for Eco-fuel and nothing goes to waste. We also oversee the whole of the production and manufacturing process from sourcing the wood on our plantations, to making and delivering your worktops to your home. This means that we can deliver the best prices and we have control over all timescales and any issues can be dealt with directly by our company. We’ve been in the business since 1999, so we understand what our customers need and how to provide the best customer care. We can also offer our expert guidance to ensure that you get the worktops of your dreams, without any nightmares!

We will keep you updated regularly about delivery dates and you can track your delivery easily. We will also ensure that our two-man delivery team gives you a courtesy call 30 minutes before they turn up at your door, so you can be sure to be ready for them and you don’t have to wait around until they arrive. And, when it comes to choosing your worktop, we offer support through our sales team who are just a telephone call away, as well as through our website with a visualizer tool, so you can see what your worktops will look like before you order.

If you think walnut might work wonders in your kitchen, we’re ready to prove you right.

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