April 22, 2021

3 Reasons To Choose A Laminate Worktop


When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, the worktops you choose will often become the focal point – the part of the kitchen that acts as a centrepiece, setting the tone and wowing your guests. 

But, with such a wide selection of materials available to choose between – from wood to stone to Quartz composite – finding the right worktop for your kitchen can be a tricky decision. So we thought we’d try and help. 

In this post, we will take a detailed look at the advantages of installing one of the most popular options currently available on the market: laminate worktops

Comprised of a plastic overlay and design layer bonded to a manmade board, join us as we discuss the three key reasons why we think a laminate worktop could enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. 

1. Laminate Worktops Come In A Variety Of Finishes

One of the key reasons why laminate worktops are such a popular option is because of the wide range of finishes they come available in. 

Due to this level of variety, homeowners can match the worktops to their existing kitchen design scheme with ease, making the redesign process much easier and potentially cheaper as well. 

Whether you’d rather have a laminate worktop that mimics the look of wood, marble, granite or a solid stone surface, the choice ultimately rests in your hands and the style of kitchen you are hoping to achieve. 

2. Laminate Worktops Are Cheaper

Another key reason behind laminate worktops’ popularity is down to their price. 

Generally speaking, laminate worktops cost a lot less to purchase and install than other types of material like wood, stone or composite. 

And, as a result of this, they offer the best value for money in terms of cost per metre, especially when they’re bought, designed and fitted by a professional supplier.

3. Laminate Worktops Are Highly Durable

While you may think the lower cost of installing laminate worktops would affect their level of quality, that isn’t true at all – in fact, laminate worktops are one of the most durable types of worktops available on the market. 

This is because they are made to be extremely hardwearing and highly resistant to everyday issues like scratches, cracks and stains. 

As such, they make a great choice for busy families and homeowners looking for a low cost, long-lasting and incredibly easy to maintain option.

Final Thoughts…

So, there you have it – the three key reasons behind why laminate worktops are such a popular choice. 

If, however, you are still unconvinced and would like further reassurance that they are the right choice for your specific needs, please feel free to get in touch with us here at House of Worktops. 

Our team specialise in helping customers find the right worktops for their homes, taking the stress out of the entire buying process. So, why not let us do the same for you?

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