April 22, 2021

Why should I choose a Laminate Worktop?


If you are looking for something a bit different from our Oak and other wood worktops, we have a wide variety of Laminate Worktops for you to choose from. This is a great alternative to the traditional wood worktop, and can bring a whole new look to your kitchen, whether you want a black sparkle look or a more subtle tone, we can cater to this.

How is it made?

As opposed to our Oak worktops which are just a solid piece of wood, a Laminate Worktop is made up of multiple layers, each being an important contributor to its high quality. The foundation is made of an extremely high quality chipboard, that is both moisture resistant and high in density. This chipboard is then wrapped in a high pressure, thick laminate cover. It is completely up to you which cover you have.

What are the different covers?

We have a wide range of laminate here at House of Worktops to suit your preferences, which are of extremely high quality that you can enjoy every single day. We take pride in ensuring that you have the best experience possible, whilst receiving the highest quality products. Whatever your theme is in your kitchen, we can cater to this and help bring your new kitchen to life!

Marble effect worktops

We have three beautiful and unique choices of marble laminate for you to choose from. Each of them bring their own character and feel to a kitchen. Marble can bring such a luxurious feel to a space, so it’s a great option if you are going for more of a modern look.

The first type of marble Laminate Worktop we offer is called Bella Bianche, it is the most subtle option we have. It is mainly white with faint grey details to add a little bit of dimension, whilst still giving a lovely, delicate appearance. The second is Carrera Marble, which keeps the white background, but adds wider and more intense grey details to add some intenseness, but still keeping a classy look. The final type of marble laminate that we are proud to offer is Tundra Grey Marble, which is the most intense type we have. This marble is made up of different shades of grey, all flowing yet contrasting with each other to create a unique marble effect.

Faux wood laminate

We also offer some laminate options that look like wood, giving a more warm and homely feel. The first one being Black Walnut Laminate, which is made up of a mixture of different deep brown tones to create a more rustic feel. If you are looking for an even more rustic look than that, we also offer our Farmhouse Block Laminate, which almost looks like it has been taken from an old barn. This type of laminate is very unique and will wow anyone who sees it in your kitchen, this can create a great contrast to a lighter coloured kitchen, or can also compliment exposed brick with an older look. Distressed Oak is another faux wood option that you can choose, with channels the usual oak colours, but with a little bit more character.

April 22, 2021

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