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Why Oak is our favourite “ingredient” for Wood Worktops

We get asked this a lot, and we thought we would write about this!

deluxe rustic oak worktop

Quite frankly, the main reason oak is our favourite is because of its natural beauty, character and warmth. Add to that its resistance to aging and versatility, and you’ll see why Oak has been one of the most popular choices for woodwork and worktops, oak shelves, table-tops or just for a work surface.

All of House of Worktops’ oak worktops are manufactured  in a way that preserves each piece’s individual unique character and ensures its longevity. Its charming grain and delicate golden hues combined with its tune of liveliness and comfort, makes the oak ideal for a perfect kitchen worktop.  Alongside its harmonic appearance, the European and Balkan oak is acclaimed as unique in its character-fullness. Due to the harsh weather conditions, both in summer and winter, the Balkan oak matures and grows with a unique micro-structure that is manifested in a distinctive golden colour. 

Besides that, due to the same reason, the wood becomes 30% harder than any other oak type and has more prominent grains and patterns with distinct golden-brown colour pallette. Compared to American oak, the European/Balkan version stands out with greater stability, better quality and indeed, with its delicate homey charm. Just an ideal fit for your kitchen worktop slot. 

Since it is our expertise to provide you with the most diligent kitchen oak worktop, we offer you a few qualities to choose from, including oak, prime oak and natural rustic oak. Although all three share the essential hues and appearance of the timber, our standard oak has coarser grain allowing it to have a homier and welcoming look. Prime oak, on the other hand, has more linear grains, giving it a very uniform and intricate appeal which lacks any flaw, making it perfect for bringing a more sophisticated atmosphere. Our natural rustic oak preserves the natural beauty of the oak and transforms into a very rural but warming kitchen worktop. It is unique with its knots, deeper grains and seeming imperfections which all aid to bring the natural untouched beauty and harmony of nature into your kitchens. It offers timelessness and exceptional warmth to your kitchens.