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This page provides help with the most common questions about House of Worktops.


How long does delivery take?

If the worktops are ordered before 12 Noon, the worktops will be shipped the same day via next-day delivery service.

Why should I purchase worktops from House of Worktops®?

House of Worktops guarantees great value for money and quality as the company itself controls the whole value chain process, from sourcing the raw material, production, logistics and selling the final worktop to the end-customer.

Do you have a sample service?

If you are unsure as to which worktops to select, House of Worktops can send you samples for the desired wooden worktops.

How do I place an order with you?

You can place an order online via our online shop or by calling us.

Do you do bulk / institutional orders?

For bulk orders, we would highly encourage you to get in touch with us directly per email.

Worktops & Materials

What's the difference between Oak/Prime Oak & Beech/Prime Beech?

Standard Oak/Beech worktops have a more prominent grain pattern and more natural features than their Prime variant, and in general have more character. Most worktops will have colour variation between each separate stave.

Prime worktops have a more uniform, delicate grain with fewer natural features. Prime worktops have a sophisticated look and as a result are more suited to contemporary / glamorous kitchens

Are your worktops FSC certified?

Almost all of our timber is FSC certified and they are all sustainably and ethically sourced.

Apart from the colour, what is the difference between each type of timber?

The grain pattern and the colour are the two main characteristics that distinguish different worktops from each other. For example, Beech and Ash worktops have very similar in colour, however the grain pattern is what makes them different. Ash is known to have open wood grain markings, similar to Oak, while at the same time Beech has a more warm-toned uniform grain pattern.

Where do you source your wood from?

House of Worktops always to uses A-Grade timber in its production, therefore all the timber is sourced from the highest quality forests spanning from the Balkan Mountains to the Black Sea coast.

What material would you recommend if I am on a budget?

House of Worktops tries to provide high quality worktops at prices that would fit the budget of almost all the clients.

In terms of budget our Beech worktops are very attractively priced and thanks to their warm-grain pattern and beautiful colour they can be a charming and beautiful addition to all kitchens.

Are the materials permanent or can I expect some colour / shape change?

All the materials will provide eternal service, if they are well-maintained, while their colour and grain, just like the red wine is getting more attractive with age.

Assembling / Installing

I have the lengths of worktop required for my kitchen but don't know which worktop sizes to purchase.

In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be very happy assisting you when choosing the right worktop for you.

Will my worktops match?

The worktops will match exactly with the pictures provided for each worktop as all of the timber material is sourced by us from the same geographical region. House of Worktops guarantees for colour match between its worktops.

How do I treat the worktops before installation?

We recommend and supply Rustins Danish oil for treatment of all worktops. All DIY worktops will require three coats before installation to both the top and bottom sides, while end grains require six coats. For maintenance, DIY worktops will require oiling with Rustins Danish Oil once every six weeks for the first few months and then a further coat every 3/6 months from then onwards. This does of course depend on the use of the kitchen.

Do I need special brackets to install the worktops?

Yes. We recommend and supply stretcher plates / slotted brackets in our worktop installation kit. These brackets secure the worktops to the cabinets but also allow the worktop to move by several mm to allow for gradual contraction / expansion of the timber during varying humidity. A full installation guide is provided with all worktops.

Why should I use an upstand?

As well as looking the part, wooden upstands are extremely handy when it comes to worktop installation. Upstands hide the small expansion gap required when fitting solid wood worktops and they also enable worktops to be fitted to out-of-square walls without the need to cut large sections of the worktop to size first. They help to integrate the worktop material with other kitchen elements and also prevent any moisture / ingress from forming behind the worktops.

How do I join worktops?

Worktops are joined square, at 90 degrees using a standard butt-join. Worktop connector bolts are used on the underside of the worktops to securely clamp them together. Insert worktop sealant between the worktops and apply a bead of sealant to the top surface during installation to create a water resistant seal. Sand the top surface once the sealant has dried to create a lovely smooth join

Why do you use two different worktop oils (Rustins and HABiol)?

Why do you use Danish Oil? - Would be a better question as HaBiol is an oil that we don't know yet.

We strongly encourage our customers using Danish oil as this oil is a mixture of multiple type of natural oils aiming to bring all the essential nourishing benefits to your wood worktop with a single oil. It will provide you a beautiful finish where the beautiful grain pattern of the wood can be clearly accentured, while at the same time providing you a hard-wear and water resistant surface. Lastly Rustins Danish Oil is food safe and relatively fast drying oil, which in turn will make your future re-oiling experiences highly enjoyable.


How do I clean wood worktops?

To clean wood worktops, simply wipe the surface with warm (not boiling hot) soapy water. Remember to wipe off any water after a few minutes.

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