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Why is House of Worktops the right choice for your kitchen worktops?

At House of Worktops, we know our wood, we know our quality and we are 100% customer oriented. While this is something many firms say, we are the only player to control the entire supply chain - from sourcing high-quality wood from our own plantations, to delivering finished worktops to your doorstep. This allows us to ensure the best quality and save on costs by removing middlemen. We have been in the timber industry since 1999 and have unparalleled expertise across the entire chain.

What’s more, we have created our own unique zero-waste system of production where every single material is being used to create Eco-Fuel. Because we know that mere quality and service is not enough, we also need to be 100% invested in sustainability. We have a wide range of worktops - seven unique wood types, three stave configurations, several sizes, and excellent communication and responsibility towards our customers to ensure you are provided with the worktop that matches your taste and space.

Sizes, Styling and Material

At House of Worktops, we provide a range of stylings and different material selections in order to highlight the character of your wood worktop and accommodate your needs and taste. Our team is specialized in transforming your worktop to meet your expectations whether you want your kitchen worktop to have a homey feeling, to be a timeless piece or the star of your kitchen.

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