Close up woman cleaning a kitchen wooden worktop using cleanser spray and cloth.
How to Clean Solid Wood Worktops?

Being a natural material, solid wood worktops are quite different compared to your usual laminates and marble worktop. They require […]

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an illustration guide for protecting a wooden worktop from sinks
How to Protect Wood Worktops Around the Sink Area?

Wooden worktops look great, are hygienic, can be repaired, are the most sustainable kitchen worktop type, they mature with age […]

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Can you varnish over worktop oil?

When it comes to varnishing your already oiled wooden worktop surface, this stage comes during the final stages, of completing […]

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How to repair a scratch or a stain on a Wooden Worktop?

In this guide, we will be covering everything you need to know about repairing a stained or scratched wooden worktop, […]

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An illustration for storing a wood worktop
How to Store Wood Worktops?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend ordering your wood worktops and requesting a delivery date about 2-3 days prior […]

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How to apply Danish oil on worktop
How to apply Danish Oil on your worktop?

House of Worktops Over 12 different variations of wood worktops, each variation with over 20 different sizes, and prices ranging […]

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Oiled oak worktop
How to Oil Wooden Worktops – Osmo Top Oil

In House of Worktops® we have over 12 different variations of wood worktops, each with over 20 different sizes, and […]

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Beech Worktop
How sustainable are wooden worktops

Here at House of Worktops, we pride ourselves on producing the most sustainable wooden worktops for our customers. Wood is […]

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