Mason's Mitre Joint for Laminate kitchen worktops
How to Join Kitchen Worktops with Mason’s Mitre Joint

Mason’s mitre joint is a terminology initially used in architectural forms, but nowadays it is one of the most popular […]

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Corner cut measuring illustration
How to Measure a Radius Corner Easily?

One of the most asked questions when ordering kitchen worktops is “How can I measure a radius corner?” Well, the […]

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hob-sink cutout illustration with important dimentions
How to Replace Kitchen Worktops?

Choosing the right Kitchen Worktops will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make whilst putting […]

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an illustration guide for protecting a wooden worktop from sinks
How to Protect Wood Worktops Around the Sink Area?

Wooden worktops look great, are hygienic, can be repaired, are the most sustainable kitchen worktop type, they mature with age […]

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Two joined comapact laminates
Compact Laminate Worktop Installation Guide

Introduction:  Compact laminate worktops are made with perfection to fit the needs of every busy household. We have compiled some […]

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Kitchen Worktop Height: Everything You Need To Know

Every home and every kitchen is unique with its story, style and layout. For that reason, it is important to […]

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A Wooden Upstand Guide: What is it and how to fit it?

Upstands are to kitchen worktops, as frames are to beautiful paintings. Very often disregarded and often replaced with full tiling, […]

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free standing oven and wooden worktops illustration
The Ultimate Wooden Worktops Installation Guide

Introduction Our affinity and connection with nature and natural products such as wooden worktops are genetic and deeply rooted within […]

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What Is a U-Shaped Kitchen Design?

When you think about a U-shaped kitchen, it is generally considered to be a kitchen in which the cupboards form […]

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How to prepare for new kitchen worktops

Having new kitchen worktops fitted into your home can be an incredibly exciting process. After all, whether it be the […]

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