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How to stop wooden worktops from staining

Let’s face it, accidents can happen. Whether it be unintentionally cutting outside of a chopping board, splashing a bit of […]

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What is the best oil to protect your wooden worktop?

Nothing can replace the feeling of having a freshly designed wooden worktop fitted into your kitchen, providing your home with […]

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Top tips for protecting your oak worktop

Having a beautiful oak worktop installed can do wonders for your home, providing your kitchen with an awe-inspiring centrepiece for […]

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Wood Worktop Pocket Guide

A step by step guide how to oil and maintain your worktop Step 1: “A” and “B” side of the […]

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Worktop oil Guide
A Comprehensive Comparison of All Wood Worktop Oils

How to choose the Best Wood Worktop Oil? With the lack of sufficient protection, the beauty of the wooden worktops […]

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When Should You Re-oil Your Wooden Worktop?

Test Your Wooden Worktop – Oil It – Test it Again A Simple Guide to Reoiling Your Solid Wood Worktop! […]

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