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October 8, 2020

Time to improve your kitchen with a beautiful wooden worktop?


Service that is as solid as oak

Here at the House of Worktops we are dedicated to creating beautifully fitted wooden worktop surfaces for each of our clients. We believe that it is our duty of care as a provider of wooden worktops to give our clients, not only the highest quality of materials, but also the highest standard of service. The oak which we use here at House of Worktops is responsibly sourced from the Black Sea region, as it has been found to be as much as 15% sturdier and stronger than traditional British oak trees. Whether you are designing or renovating your kitchen, a wooden worktop is a timeless classic which is bound to grab attention, and there isn’t a supplier out there who can provide you with all the care and materials you need better than our dedicated experts here at House of Worktops.

Why choose oak?

As mentioned, the oak we use for our wooden worktop surfaces here at House of Worktops is the finest and strongest on the market. But the reasons behind opting for a solid oak table go far beyond the practical (although they are exactly that!) and into the realms of classic, timeless and traditional design. Oak is a wood which is synonymous with classic British design, as well as longevity and strength. As stated, the oak which we use here at House of Worktops is selected from the finest oak trees in the Black Sea region. The reason for choosing oak from the Black Sea region is not a financial decision, but rather a scientific one which ensures that the wooden worktop surfaces we use it to make, will be as sturdy as they possibly can be. This is because the harsh winters in the region, followed by dry climate during the summer, causes the wood to contract and tense because of the stress as it grows. The results of these continual contractions and expansions during growth result in a wood which is far more solid and sturdy than other forms of oak.

Types of oak available at House of Worktops

Here at House of Worktops we believe it is our duty, not only to ensure that the wood we provide to our clients is the strongest and most durable it can be, but also that we provide them with various options to allow them to make a more personal decision. Each kitchen is different, and the wood which is used plays a massive part in the ‘feel’ of the room. As such, we offer three distinctly different types of oak for our clients to choose from, including deluxe oak, prime oak and rustic oak.

What is rustic oak?

In recent years we’ve noticed a rise in the amount of people who are opting to go for a more traditional, ‘vintage’ look when designing their kitchen. In response to this we have been offering clients rustic oak worktops. The oak which is used in our deluxe rustic oak is especially selected to let the character and ‘feel’ of the wood really shine. We believe that each piece of wood tells a unique story, with unique knots, grain and colour hues, and through our deluxe rustic oak we feel that clients get the full story behind each individual work surface. If you want wood with a difference which you know you can truly rely on to be the best possible quality, then visit us here at House of Worktops and see what feels right for you.

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