January 14, 2021

Why choose a prime oak worktop?


When someone refers to oak furniture the immediate thought is often that the furniture is therefore made of a high quality wood and we at House of Worktops could not agree more. Oak wood has a natural beauty about it and the fact that it resists the signs of ageing makes it a very popular material for furniture and kitchen surfaces. The strength of the timber combined with the natural beauty creates a wonderful, tough surface for a kitchen worktop.

How durable is oak for a kitchen worktop?

Whilst providing a natural beauty within the home or workplace our prime oak worktop is extremely tough and dense. This is accomplished by subjecting the oak to the harsh temperature differences between the summer and winter seasons. The internal stress on the oak caused by the weather changes continuously hardens the fibres and in turn creates an extremely hard wearing timber. The oak is so durable that the surface could last our lifetime and more!

There is an old English saying which supports this element of strength and durability and that is that ‘England was built on oak’. This saying alone suggests strength, durability and a wonderful tradition of using oak throughout our history. Our prime oak worktop supports this old saying by proving time and time again how durable and hard wearing it is.

When referring to oak worktops, is there just one type or a variety?

The House of Worktops understands that when searching for the perfect worktop to suit your household it is helpful to have a selection presented to you. This is possible with our oak surfaces as well. We offer three types of oak worktops: oak, prime oak and natural rustic oak. For instance, for those who are after a homely, welcoming appearance to the surface, the grainy look which can be found with our standard oak worktops is the way forward. However, if you are wanting to take it one step further by keeping the natural beauty of the wood with its knots and imperfections then the natural rustic oak worktop would be the one for you.

In contrast to the other two oak options is the flawless and sophisticated style of oak, the prime oak worktop. The linear grain of this particular style provides intricate detail and a somewhat ‘uniform’ appearance.

All three variations keep the beautiful colour and appearance of timber, but have their own personal twists for the finishing effect.

Does the House of Worktops work on an environmentally friendly basis?

Whilst working to professional standards we are very aware of keeping our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. We therefore pride ourselves on the fact that all of our worktops are produced following a zero waste ethos. The majority of our oak is harvested and manufactured locally, reducing the amount of importing we do and we are close to achieving all our work using renewable energy. Keeping our carbon footprint small enables us to create quality oak worktops with an extreme element of pride.

January 21, 2021

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