February 25, 2021

A professionally made laminate worktop


If you’re looking for a laminate worktop for your home, consider consulting some of the best experts in the field. A laminate worktop often has different benefits and qualities compared to one of our solid wood counterparts, however we thought that by offering an unbiased opinion on the versatility and durability of these materials, you can make your own informed decision as to whether this is a choice that is suitable for you and your home.

We can start by talking about the diversity and versatility that we can provide you with when working with the many different kinds of colours and designs that you can have with your laminate worktop. You can enjoy extremely realistic looking marble countertops, humble grey colours, clean and pristine sparkle laminates as well as wood like features that will have you second guessing whether it is the real thing or not.

The process of making these styles of countertops involves dressing a very dense fibreboard underwood with the laminate of your choosing. It is protected with a polymer coating that not only provides your worktop with a longer life span, but also protects the design from damage due to cutting or hot pans which can cause significant and irreparable damage.

One of the biggest factors is price when it comes to comparing solid wood to laminate options. The material is very low maintenance as well as being cost effective, so if you are a hard working and bustling family that is prone to accidental drawing or other spillages, this versatile option is a wise choice.

Knowing that you are getting the best

When you choose us to create a space that you will enjoy as the heart of your home, you can be assured that we put our talent, passion and experience to good use to create the perfect masterpiece that suits your personality and creates the right kind of atmosphere in your kitchen. Done correctly, a laminate alternative should be so close to the real thing that it is indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

Our company works hard to sustainably source all of our products and work on a zero-waste mindset. We are looking to the future, not only with the longevity of our products, but the long lasting impacts of our actions and how we can ensure that younger generations are benefiting from our actions rather than becoming disadvantaged.

This sustainable mindset is something that we should all work on trying to normalise. By supporting businesses that focus on this, you are voicing your opinion on how you want things to be for not only yourself, but your children and grandchildren as well.

Our products are affordable and expertly finished to an outstanding result. If you’re unsure what style of worktop you think best suits you and your kitchen, then do take a look at our Visualizer which can give you a visual representation of your own creative ideas. This way you can actually see how colours work together and the overall impression that will be achieved in a final design.

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