February 11, 2021

A wooden worktop to suit your style


We have a variety of different wooden worktops to perfectly match the style that you are trying to achieve for the heart and hub of your home. A kitchen bench is more than a workstation, it is a place where people congregate, where people laugh, eat, sit and talk. We can help you to make this area a clear expression of your love for all things beautiful, of nature and of elegance all in a timeless manner.

There are several types of timber that we use and it can be difficult to decide what is the best suited to your needs and wants. By understanding the different grains, patterns, colours and energy that each timber characteristically possesses, you can start to determine what wood you would best like in your home.

You also need to consider the colour palette of your kitchen and the design in which you want your wooden worktop to sit within. Are you looking for a modern, elegant and minimalistic approach to your kitchen or would you rather a homely, warm and rustic feel? We can achieve both with the right kind of wooden worktop, so perhaps take full advantage of the Visualiser that we have on hand so that you can draw out your plans to see how it actually looks.

What are the different timbers available and who do they best suit?

Our most popular wood is the classic oak and as a result, we have varying styles in which this can be created in. In general, oak has a warm golden hue with a deep symbolic presence that inspires strength, protection and longevity. Our prime oak worktop is a more minimalistic approach, with clean, straight patterns that do not dominate the space. If you wish to have a more rough and natural atmosphere, the rustic oak option offers staves rich in the swirls and whorls of knots and wavy patterns.

For those who enjoy the rustic look, the walnut variant is one of the more character filled woods that we have available. The colours vary from golden to red to smokey greys, each with their own patterns that can tell their very own story. With each finger jointed construction stave, you can see the life of a different tree and combined, the full effect of our craftsmanship becomes apparent.

Beech is another material that can be used for a wooden worktop and it has a distinctive, lighter hue and a speckled grain pattern that is both easy on the eyes and very natural. Many people enjoy this strong and vibrant wood in their home, allowing them to enjoy both the minimalistic quality as well as the natural touch that draws your eye.

All of our finished pieces are guaranteed to practically last a lifetime as the woods that we source are located around the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, renowned for its harsh conditions. This means the wood is stronger and harder than other varieties, making it a longer lasting addition to your home that can be enjoyed for generations.

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