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Bathroom Worktops

Our bathroom worktops are available in a wide range of colours, styles and materials, suitable for use in bathrooms, with wooden worktops and compact laminate countertops being our recommended pick. Our bathroom worktops are offered in four different wood species in three different stave configurations, and also in 8 different variations in compact laminate range – with each worktop known for its 12mm slim-look, durability and low-maintenance. Order now and let us deliver your worktop via our 2-man delivery service to a room of your choice.

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There are many options for bathroom worktops - compact laminate, natural stone (like granite or marble), engineered stone (quartz), solid surface materials, wood and even concrete. The choice really depends on your style preferences, budget, the specific demands of your bathroom and your willingness to maintain your bathroom worktop.

Many bathroom worktop materials, like compact laminate (or solid laminate), quartz and solid surface materials, are highly water-resistant. However, it's essential to properly seal and maintain certain materials, like wood, to prevent water damage. With the correct sealing, a wooden bathroom worktop can be an excellent choice, especially if your bathroom is on the larger side and has plenty of natural ventilation. But if you want to be on the safe side, go for a compact laminate worktop.

There is no difference between a kitchen worktop and a bathroom worktop, other than the size. So you can use a kitchen worktop in the bathroom, just make sure you choose the appropriate material and size. We suggest opting for naturally water-resistant materials like solid laminates or solid surface or making sure any less water-resistant materials you choose, like wood or laminates, are sealed correctly.

Yes, you can use laminate countertops in a bathroom. Laminate is a cost-effective and versatile option, but it should be adequately sealed to protect against moisture. Compact laminates may be more preferable as they are already resistant to water.

Bathroom countertops are typically secured to the cabinets or vanity base using a combination of adhesive and fasteners. The exact method may vary depending on the material and installation requirements.

Bathroom countertops are often lower than kitchen countertops for ergonomic reasons. They are designed to be comfortable for various bathroom activities like brushing teeth, washing hands and applying makeup or general grooming.

Yes, you can replace just the bathroom countertop without needing to overhaul the entire vanity or cabinet (unless there are any general structural or stability issues with the base). This is a cost-effective way to update the look and functionality of your bathroom.

Please don’t! In general, it's not advisable to stand on a bathroom countertop. Most bathroom countertops are not designed to support the weight of a person and doing so may damage the countertop or even cause injury. Use a stable step stool or ladder for reaching high areas instead.


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